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good quote "Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat."
-- Teddy Roosevelt

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How neat is this, I've been asked to do a regular column for E-Bim which is a human resources portal. They really liked the Hiring Interviews concept and I was able to put up my first article, Who's The Boss?, which they were pretty pleased with. Check it out, comment on it, let me know what you think.

July 2008

It's been an amazing past few months since my last update here. This is not in order of importance but things have been moving along so well. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I won "The Biggest Loser" of Central Florida. It was put on by the local NBC station (WESH TV 2). It was a local contest, not the big one put on by the NBC network. Regardless, it was pretty cool to have won on the local level and I won a trip to St. Pete for two to Tradewinds Resort and other stuff. They also had me on TV for about 3 weeks so lots of people came out, sending emails or calling to congratulate me. I've lost a total of 80lbs so far.

The second amazing thing that has happened is that I got to speak with the man, the legend, Tony Horton. QVC hosted P90X with Tony at 5:30 am and also at 8 pm (I think). It so happened that it was on a Tuesday, during my rest day so I was up and calling. It was so great and I was actually nervous (something I'm usually not when talking to celebs....generally, I'm not easily impressed by people). Needless to say, it was awesome to talk to the man, even for a brief moment, and I'm definitely going to make plans to attend the next fitness camp. Click to the right to hear my nervousness.

Finally, I did a family vacation to Mammoth Caves, in KY, Michigan (GR and Mackinaw Island), Massachusetts, and ended in Virginia. Notice the P90X T-shirt..........I have 4 now. A little obsession for an awesome workout program is not a bad thing is it? I'm still working on my P90X pages though. As I said, it's very busy being me right now, but I will tell you that I added more to my routines. I recently added a routine from P90X+, by substituting the KenpoX for Kenpo/Cardio+. All I have to say is, "WOW", what a difference. I also added at night, doing "One on One with Tony Horton". If you don't have that already, get it, because it's awesome as well. I used to do 100 push ups with the push up bars, before going to bed, now, I've added doing "One on One". and it's helped with my morning workouts. Plyometrics isn't so bad after doing "Plyo Legs" at night, although, I'm still sweating alot. Doing a 4 minute wall squat is extremely tough and I don't cheat like Tony. I'M KIDDING TONY. :-)

P90X complete Well, I've been seeing alot of traffic for the P90X system so I thought I would put in a little update here. I'm almost done with the program in it's first 90 days. It's a 90 day program but I really love it and plan on doing more 90 day sets. When you buy the program, you get three different ways of doing it. There's the 'Classic P90X' which is what is advertised and geared more for strength and increasing fitness. Then there's the 'Doubles P90X' for those people who want to double up but really just adds alot more cardio to the Classic. Then there's the 'Lean P90X' which is mainly for burning calories. That's what I'm doing and it's not easy but it's not as much strength building in the classic sense with weights and all that. Until the last phase, then it starts pushing it more on the Classic P90X side.

I'm in the last phase (phase 3) and in the final week which is a recovery week. Recovery doesn't mean easy, I think it's just less weight stuff and more core and cardio workout to let your muscles take a breather. Anyway, it's been a great ride, I've lost 30lbs and probably could have lost more but I eased up on the diet strictness because I lost almost 20lbs in January. I was afraid if I did that three months in a row, I would be at 170lbs at too quick of a rate. No excuses, just didn't think losing 20lbs a month was healthy.

Because of the popularity of my P90X page (hell, there are as many people viewing that page than my resume), I'm going to restructure it to talk about my complete weight loss. I started out weighing 270lbs., but I didn't start doing P90X till I was at 230lbs and was working out regularly. Which brings me to a good point for everyone reading this interested in P90X. BE PATIENT. Don't go into P90X at your worst. Do the diet, get used to it, start doing an exercise routine and lose some weight. In order to do P90X, you need to be in some physical shape. If you can't do the fitness test, DON'T DO IT. You'll just hurt yourself and put a bad taste in your mouth about the program.

This is an extreme workout program and you need to be in shape to even attempt to do some of those things. I've seen people on YouTube do P90X at the weight I was at my worst. I can't even imagine that. In fact, I probably could have stood to have lost a few more pounds before starting cause in my first month, I thought I was going to die. But, I kept at it because the results are amazing and quick.

Okay, the warning is there. Later, I'm going to split my P90X/Fitness pages into different sets. The first will be an introduction, then the next pages I will put what my routines were. For those of you that have a hard time losing weight, or starting and maintaining, let me help you out for FREE. I call it the Fat man's/woman's lazy ass diet. Yes, I'm lazy and I needed to lose weight in a way that appealed to my laziness. So I'm going to spell that out here and then at the end (since nothing is totally for free), I'll ask you to repay my kindness by letting me be your coach if/when you sign up for P90X.

WELCOME Welcome to my home page and all things Christopher Ortega. Here, there are some in-depth information about myself and what I have to offer. If there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to contact me through my contact page link in the above right. I hope to add more content here in the future as time allows, we all lead busy lives.

My previous home page was an attempt to create a blog like setup in order to keep things updated on a timely basis. I typically am very busy, so it's not practical for me to have a blog, so I will update this web site with all kinds of things that I am involved with with what time I can give. For example, to the left is a link to the P90X home fitness system. I've incorporated this into my life as I feel that fitness is extremely important; something I had to learn the hard way. Clicking on that link will give you my journey to get to P90X and it's impact on my daily living. I'll also be adding more content with other valuable items as further things develop.

I believe that life is to be enjoyed and I love to be involved with those things to enhance our short time here in this life, hopefully, this web site will give you an idea of how I like to live.

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